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Greetings, this is Omar... and I'm glad to announce that peegeeonethree MULTIMEDIA's site is almost fully coded, this is just but some major wiring done.

Although there are still loads to fix, I am confident that it will be taken care of sooner than anticipated. The site is finally going forward after a hiatus caused by errors on the CNAME servers.

I also would like to extend my most sincere gratitude for your patience. If you have any questions, comment on this post.

peegeeonethree MULTIMEDIA specializes on Graphics Design for Print, the Web, Video, and also Promotes your business, event, or any other project you want more people to know about.


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Graphic Design for Promoting your Group or Organization. 
Great for Business Cards, Card Flyers, Brochures, large format, vinyl signs, stationary, stickers/decals, and more.


Graphic Design for Enhancing your website or promote your group or organization's events with e-flyers.
Great for reaching a vast range of audience to get your cause known and gain support from your audience.


Visual Design for enhancing your videos. 
Introduction sequences, overlay graphics, outro sequences, credit rolls, short videos, music promos, and more.

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This is the multimedia site for peegeeonethree

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