Thursday, October 1, 2009

Today, uh... best said, last midnight, my folks returned from their long stay at the motherland.

Woken up by the distinctive ring tone of my mobile, they announce their arrival just minutes past midnight. What was my response to the extra voices in the background? No response whatsoever.
This morning, however, I found out that my folks brought back a little surprise for the rest of the family. Granny! She could finally get to ride the plane this time around, and not in a bad time either.
So far this day has been a crowded day. With just a few minutes left to spare and then everyone will scramble. Though there were loads to catch up on, and stories to tell, it has been just serene. Sharing experiences, memories, anecdotes, and the latest events.

So, my cousins and I decided to hit the pool, despite the windy situation, just to chill. We didn't mind much the coldness of the water, or the ickiness of the drowned insects. We ended chilling, make that freexing, for a couple of hours just before we realized that there were a bunch of children conglomerating by the pool's parking area. That's when it hit us, "that's right, they're back in school" ... so we decided to sun-dry and head back home early enough before the high schoolers would get out for the day. Well, there was that, and the fact that I had to get ready for my evening class. Which was hard on me for the tiredness of the day, left class early so to drive in a wake state rather than drowsy.

Our projects were graded, and we continued working on the current one. Class is going better than I had expected.
Got home tired and ready to cick the can. Instead, you can find me here randomly typing about my day. I'm almost possitive this post isn't making much sense. Lets blame it on my burning eyes, and the slight headache that is starting to surge up.
*SIDETRACK* Just watch a sneak peak of 2012 ... and I think it is going to be one of my favorite movies.
alrighty then, too tired to go on.

Have a great day.


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