Sunday, October 4, 2009

Friday: Babysitting

Not quite.
Once again my cousin and I went to the pool, despite the freesing water. We are quite the bunch, crazy enough to spend a cold, windy day at the pool. We thought we were the only crazy ones that day, but then a group of children joined the insanity.
Well, after a while there, I noticed that the "responsible"in charge was merely in her early teens. What kind of a parent lets children go in the cold pool UNSUPERVISED? Sure enough, one of the younger kids, who was swimming separate from his group, was drowning. That was all it took for the eldest to come to her senses and decided to obligate them kids to remain in the shallow end of the pool and/or in the kiddy pool.
While they were just chilling from the scare, I overheard what they were talking about. Turns out the parents wanted the annoyace gone so that they could have their grownup party. How IRRESPONSIBLE, don't you think.

Saturday: Brainstorm

 So, the next project for Photoshop is "Multiplicity" and as expected, I will have to do an exceptional job. Last year I did something festive, something in the lines of 'mistletoe' and it was a success!
For this project, what will I do? Who knows, maybe something along the lines of 'spell casting' but we'll see what goes. Actually I think I have it. I did a little brainstorming on the project and came up with a couple of ideas. Some of my ideas were extremely great, of course all of my ideas are brilliant, but a recurring factor has lead to choose a more practical approach.
Since multiplicity is all about creating many versions of one self in a photograph or digital image, how amazig it would be to recreate one of the Naruto battle scenes where he duplicates himself to overpower his enemy and save the day. The issue with this option is that there is the lack of the costume and the financial stability to produce one. And there's make-up, accesories, and all the other 'what nots' that may surface in order to make it a GREAT piece. Needless to say, I am not any good at cosplaying.
Another interesting idea... but in order to make this one work, I would have had to make an even larger investment. Lets face it, in this economy, and my current situation, there's just not enough resources to pull this one out on time. My ideal goal was to make a  Protection Squad (Seireitei) group photo, like the ones they do for school. Now here, Bleach has been one of my favorite manga, then anime, ever since it first came out in Japan... and I'm currently working on recreating some of the special effects that appear in the anime in the hopes of having the chance to use them in a video project currently in-the-works.
Pool Party:
Just to cut this list to three ideas long, this last thought has to do with the community pool. It is the most affordable idea of all the others, all I have to do is plan it out well and to make sure the photoshoot goes without any lags. The trick is getting all the 10-20+ frames within perfect lighting... the goal is to have as many frames as possible.

Sunday: Shoot Design

Spend most of the day designing the photoshoot for "Pool Party" and it has been quite a day. The main idea is there, and the storyline as well, now it's time to locate and arrange the individual frames. I have to admit, I'm a perfectionist and that doesn't let me rest easy.
Most of my self-characters are in place, it was really hard to place the in a way so that I won't go through myself. Comprehend? No? Well, having isolated frames is just to easy... easier than eating a piece of pie. I bet the rest of the class will decide on this approach, not me. I opted for another challenge, besides the one that the instructor placed. She challenged me to replicate myself more than 6 times, my previous miltiplicity project had me about eight times, interacting with each other. This time around, I want my characters to interact with each other even closer, to the point that the illution of contact is well disguised. Lets see if I meet my self-impossed challenge.
Now what's left is scheduling the photoshoot with one of my friends or cousins to help me out with this project. I don't want to do it in self-timer... again. That time I suffered from almost-extreme exhaustion. Not this time, na-ah.


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